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Afrionictionary Afribets B C D pt2 Divine Decreed Deified Dictionary!

Z-BlackRayz Blac-Keys _small


 Pt1-session 1a

YES: Z-BlackRayz + z-Blac-Keys: are invisible involvements. Encompasses every existence, each element; energies, entities. Equals = executing exercising. Extraterrestrial ecologies + economies = EcoEnergystics. They travel through timetables terrestrially, transcending space and manifested material matter.

Constituting cosmic CyberSpaceAge actualizations. Having no beginning nor any ending. Essential elements of the Center Carbon Core Creation Cradle. And when compressed, condensed, consolidated, Z-BlackRayz appears to look boldly black, casting an optical illusion, and psychologically perceived delusion of the mind. Howsoever, this means, that they are not necessarily opaque; but, are transparent thus translucent.

Surely y’all have heard of what scientists say are microwaves, wavelengths; inclusively, gamma rays, ultraviolet rays. Also commonly called columns of light as from sunbeams-beacons, sunshine, sunlight, starlight,

The Electromagnetic Field ColorComPlexTrix, results from radiation rays emanating, emitting from SOLAR SUNGODD DEITY. Decreed Divine Disc + Dynamic Dimensional Domain.

The primary principal perspectives, optical view point of real-live vision of the seeing eyes of living creatures, animals, and human bodily biological-beings. Even living plants, vegetation need it for photosynthesis of lazer-light. Yet Z-BlackRays very essence, permeates, penetrates and transcends all atoms, atomic activities as Arthiest Actionaries.

Yes, as one looks up and out into the darkest night heavenly skies, the vast ocean seas of blackness, then, these are Z-BlackRays. And SUNGODD’S solarized energy entities, Eco-Energystics, Equals: Love Life Light Locks.

Animation2 Son of SUNGOD_11

Likewise, We’s & Us’s are Z-Blac-Keys by which the eyes opens up the closed, locked doors of multi-dimensional domains. Including the pineal gland, 4th configured eye. Allowing living organisms to sense, see and perceive of the truest Nature of All Mighty Divine Grace.

NOW KNOW: How that a number of We’s & Us’s, and African Americans, or Americanized Africoidians, are calling themselves; “Blacks” of a “Black Race”! Which is a term taken from the old-school state of plantation prison politics. Having no healthy human help or humane healing. And was conjured up, concocted by criminal CauCrazians vs. Caucasians = clean cultured Caucasoidians vs. unclean uncultured citizens.

Hand me down, passed on from generation to degenerations of offspring, kids. Consciously corrupting and conceptually criminalizing children of cosmetic coloration complexions. Due to the tissue tormenting – torturing terrorists, teaching these treacheries. Intentionally taking the truest values out of the bio-bodily base; bogusly branded black; when it may in fact be brown. Superficial skin solarizations!

Nevertheless, I have happily replaced, restored, refreshed, reinstated, reinstalled, the Rare Rich Royalties + Righteous Resources. Reverberating – resounding resonance + radiances of The Blac-Keys and of The BlackRays.

RAYZ vs. “RACE”: Trump card color codes, corrects corrupted contrivance, conspiracies. Seeing since they; the Sociopath Supremacy Superiority Satanists, have raped and robbed and raided royal richness, while denigrating – degrading – devaluing – demoting; the color black, as if it pertains to people’s pigmentation. I’ve courageously counter combated CauCrazians competitively. Composing center carbon core creation cradle, ColorComPlexTrix.

Hypernyms (“ray” is a kind of…): ligt; visible light; visible light; visible radiation ((physics) electromagnetic radiation that can produce a visual sensation). Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of “ray”): low beam (the beam of a car’s headlights that provides illumination for a short distance). Laser beam (a beam of light generated by a laser); sunbeam; sunray (a ray of sunlight); moon ray; moon-ray; moonbeam (a ray of moonlight), high beam (a ray of sunlight); (the beam of a car’s headlights that provides distant illumination) heat ray (a ray that produces a thermal effect)

BLACOSMIC: = Invisible internalized intelligence, intellect, immaculate imagination. Unseen Spiritious or Spiritualized Sources. Silent sensations so serenely sublime, superior, and supreme.

Blacosmology, is of The Blac-Keys and The BlackRays. Consisting and comprising cosmic creativities, inside the center carbon care creation cradle. Divinely Decreed deep down dimensional domain; of the inhabiting internal HueMain. Yes, we’re dealing with Bold bonded beauteous blue-black!

BLACKLAN: = BKK = Black Klan Killers: Divinely defined to mean, melaninated membrane members, who are basically branded “Blacks”! Specifically and strictly speaking, I’m talking all about those traitorous tricksters, ‘wheeler dealer con men and women. Including, so severely said; sucker stooges, sick sycophants, sorry sellout Samboes of Samboism; Black Jackass Uncle Toms of Uncletomism + Self-haters of Selfhatism!!!

YES: adding an Uncle Tom + a Sambo = The BlacKlans – men and women, woman and man. BlacKlansMen and BlacKlansWomen and or BlacKlansman and BlacKlanswoman.

Paralleled paradigm or para-demon-stration; of paired parties, particular prejudicial persons; politicized polarized people. Alleged and assumed; “Blacks” & “Whites”!!

Others are held human hostages, entrapped-enslaved, caught caged; in between the above two polarities. Both are extremists – exceptionalists = existing enmities, evil enemy energy entities. With We’s & Us’s Browns, Redbones and High Yellows trapped in between both the two of them and their idiotic ideologies.

In other plain-o-simple sayings: formally “Colored People”; Pink Pigmented Persons”; Tissue tones – tans – tints; as people of coloration cosmetic complexions. Biologically bodily being, bogusly black branded on one side-end, and wicked witchcraft WhitTie whitewashed on the other side-end.

Created conceptual chemistries concocted constructions. Constantly causing combustible conscientious civil conflicts, contradictory conclusions, collaborative contrived conspiracies, concurring confusions, community chaos, citywide, countywide, countrywide, continentally contaminated, contagiously corrupt!


1. BLACKLACKY – BARBARBEAST: = bar + beast + be + east + as

2. Barbarbeast: better beware!! Basically because they act as if they are you true friends, lovable sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, parents-grandparents. Many multitudes, don’t even know who and what they truly are. Howsoever, indications surely show us that they are radicalized religious racists, who will wantonly wish to hate on holistic healthy humanity, human beings. Equals = HueMainity. They openly, ostensible worship the portrait picture images of Europeanized Anglo-Americans. And their Renegade Rouge Reptilian Race Religions. Honoring, embracing, some senseless sociopath supremacy superiority sickness syndromes of wicked witchcraft Whit-Tie whip Crackers. Cold Caucasus cave criminals, corrupted crooks, capitalist CaucAsian Caucasoid creatures! As their ‘Lord & Savior Jesus Christ’ and or as their “God”!!!

3. Barbaric beast blacklacky: = blood suckers, spirituality sucking stooges, sycophants, sellouts, snake serpents, soulless sinister Satanists.

4. Barbarous beast behaving bias bogus bogusly bigoted bastard bitches!

Barbarian based beliefs, brought to the whole wide world, by westernized witchcraft wickedness. Imposed as Impositions inordinate indoctrinations. Which are actually attacks, asinine ass assaults, all ARTHIEST + EARTHORS!!!

BUTTRIX: = but tricks = synonymous and similar sound to matrix, Soultrix + Spiritrix. Typical tricks, bricks, licks, hicks, cricks… etc.

BROWN-AGE: The Brownage: Bio-bodily-being beyond “Black & White” westernized world. The Brownfaces majority vs. the Blackfaces & Whitefaces minorities!!
The Darks & The Lights: Tissue tones – tans – tints + superficial surface skin = cosmetic coloration complexions. Offspring oncoming children, clean cultured center carbon core creation cradle.
Native natural Negroidians, inter-relating = sexually inbreeding, well within the Africoidians also as Albinoriginals. Are All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa’s ascension. Artfully arrived and availed amalgamations as attributed aggregations.

Our originating organic organisms optically; bluish-black, mutating membranes manifesting, ascendant Afri-Albinos = pale pinkish pigmented people planetary population; artificially appearing whitish.


ChriystLikelyen Churcharity vs Christian Church!! 

COSMIC CREATOR’S: Correspondence cognizance co-creating compassionate caring concerns, collective communions, cyber-cosmic creative chemistry. Conclusively churcheerful, churcharish collective citizenry. Courageous commission calling causes, conceptual Chriystory _ Christory = cataloging CHRIST JESUSTICE1 JUDGMENT JUSTICE!!!

Correctly called Chriystology – Chrystologist: Sincerely studying subjects strictly – specific story, all about the truest human history – happenings, Adding an allegory as assumed and alleged activities – actualities. Yet never truly occurred until today, manifesting material matter, My Master Mind Melanin Messiah. A self-fulfilling prophecy-prophesy positively projected – perfected! +

CAUCANGLO: = Cau-can-glo: Means by definition, a Caucasian + an Anglo-American, of European origin. CauCangloid and or CauCangloidian

CauCanglo who came concurrently out of the cold climate Caucasus caves. Commonly called Caucasoid – Caucasoidian. Deviously devolving into a criminal CauCrazian. Corrupted and crooked cops, courts, countrywide, continental concocted Constitution.

CATHOLISION: = Catholicism: = DEVILS ‘S demonism, devolved MYTHOLISION; as opposed to evolved REALIVISION vs. RELISION, racist radicalized renegade rouge Reptilian RACE!!!

THE CHRIYST or CRHIST creative concept, taken out of correct cosmic context, character contents. Criminalizing and corrupting clean cultural causes, customs, conscientious civic conditions. Concurrently causing combustible conflicts, corrosive cellular cancers, collective citizenry craziness and criminalities! Culminating into CauCrazian Caucasoidians. Cold Caucasus cave crawling creatures commonly called; Caucasians. Contaminating citizens cross-country, continental contagions! Due to concocted – corrupted Catholision – Catholicism!!

Coloroids = Coloradians = co + col + color + radian = radiance – radiant. Meaning planetary people’s public populations of coloration complexions, of various rays, sunrays, tones-tints, shades – tones, of the prismatic spectral hues, of the Electromagnetic Field ColorComPlexTrix.

CHOCOLAFRICA = CHOCOLAFRICAN: = choc + co + la + Afri-can.

CIVILLIENATION: = civic + civil + ill + lie + lien + nation. Divinely defined to mean, countries colonized, capitalized by corporatist corruptors, crooked colonialist captors. Commonly called, Caucasians, criminalized citizenries, causing cultivated CauCrazians. Crazed Caucasoidians!

Comprising the countries – colonies criminalizing Constitution. Expressly, the US Federal Constitution, in which, negative nation, is that uncivilized = Civillienation. Living lies of leading liars and lost losers.

“Cesspool-ians: concurrently CauCrazians. Causing “Cesspool-ian steins” Are the politically – psychologically poisoned, physiologically polluted people’s planetary prison population. Says Dr. Kammou Kambon!

CuRayZone: cure + ray + zone: Meaning by deified definition; to move ourselves or oneself, into a curing conscientiousness, cleansing conditions, correcting circumstances. Consciously counter-combating competing cancer causing corruptions, corrosions, contagions, contaminations = CURE!

CauCraziology: means the study thereof, about Crazy Caucasians, Caucus Cave Caucasoidians; corporatist criminalities, capitalist cannibalism, colonialist corruptions. Inclusively, introducing our optimized original ideas, creative concepts, percepts + precepts. Tactical terminologies = talented terms, tuning true-ups.

CauCraziologist: Defined as one who does these schooled scientific + spiritual studies. Creates curriculums, culinary corrective – curative commission calling causes, collegiate class courses; seriously seeking + stating strategic safeguards, security, safety sanctuaries against angry Anglo-Americans; activated aggressions, assaults and attacks!

CAUCREAMACY parallel Supremacy:- creamery Equals Capitalist CauCreamacists!!

CAUCAPITAL – Caucapitalist – Caucapitalism = constituting, comprising corruption, criminal cops, corporate crooks, conspiracy collusions, confusion, chaos, civic combustion, climatic collisions. Catastrophies, calimatires.

CAUCREAMIST or CAUCREAMACIST = capitalist CaucAsian criminal craps, capitalism’s commercial concoctions, cancerous – contagious – contaminating conditions. Communities and consciousness: Contriving to make everybody else appear to look like one of them, act, think, behave barbarically, beastly, brutally, believe as if they were complete Caucasians. Creaming citizenries of the city – county – country consummately. Commercially capitalizing CauCreamcy!

Means by definitions, that they are always trying to portray their cream colored complexions as being better than others having blackish, brownish, reddish, yellowish, skin tones, tans, shades. Featuring cold cave Caucasus CaucAsian Caucasoidian creatures, characters as cleansed, cultured, correct, classy. Fine and dandy, so be it. Cool with me!

Caucreamacy of Wheatwhite wicked witchcrafts or Whitewheat = half hearted instead of wholesome hearted or holistic health. “Whitenized” as some say. Such as white flour, white bread vs. whole wheat having it melanin membranes, cellular fibers fulfilled.

Caucreamist: = color of overly processed wheat without the fiber or hull attached to the grain. Excessive refining, adulterating, altering, mutating members, mutilating membranes – cells. Massacring – murdering, manipulating molecular structures of bio-genetics, RNA & DNA Color Codes.



Christislam: = Christ + Islam unified, united into one creative composition.

Chrislam: My mastermind militarized melanin messiah mental models. COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, perfected paralleling paradigm.

COLORCOMPEXTRIX: = Colors + composed + complex + matrix

Colorect: = color collected, corrected,

Colorector; = something that corrects, collect colors, eyes mechanism,

Colorection; = visual focus, correct color combination

Colorective: = able to correct colors, combine, collect, compose

Coloration: = saturation, nation of color, covered completely,

Colorate: = paint with colors, spread spectral hues, humor, imbue,

Colorator: = one who inspires with humor, animation, life, love, light

Colorize: = make colorful, vivid, adding hues,

Coloreact: = mixing color to generate vivid vibration, laminate, florescence

Coloreactor: = producing a color from mixing them onto a receptive surface

Colorecepter: = a pallet, canvas, material, that absorbs, collects colors

Coloreceiver: = such as thy eyes receives sensory sights, light, colors, hues

Colorays = Colorayz: = are the single-individual + collective composition of colors, in their complete spectral hues, prisms, wavelengths, frequencies, vivid vibrations. They artfully formulate foundational frameworks, artworks, allowing visual perception possible. As energetic entities, exercising existences, executing essential essences, element and effectively efficient; Eco-Energystics!

CAPITALENTISM: = // paralleling Capitalism!! Equals = PCx100%+

CAPITALENT: = Cap + Capital + Talent + Lent. Equals = CTx100%+

Capitalent: = capitalized talents, causing capital cash currencies

Capitalented: =

Capitalentism: =

CHRISTRIX = Christrixity = cosmic creative chemistry, similar to electricity. Each and every organ lives enveloped, encapsulated by an artwork formulation, fortress foundation, framework. And the lungs, liver-kidneys, heart, mind, spirit, soul, are completely contained within, inside the fleshly human bodily biological being, brains, blood, bone and marrow.

ChristLikelyen community, communion, committee, council, constituents, church; housing many members, membranes, cellular structures. All having unique parts to play, performances to perfect, positions and places to officially Occupyneer.

CONCENTRACT: = co + on + con + cent + en + track + act

Concentracted – concentrated cosmic creative conscience; consciously contained. Set on a strategic track, wavelength, vibration frequency ratio rate. Following a paved patterned pathway, course of action – desired direction. Equals = acts + concentracts = concentraction. Creating concentracted thinking, = thoughthings.



Conscious: = Currency Oscillating Neutron Spirit Circuitry Intellect

Conscience: = Con + Science = bringing together that which is scientific.

Cosmic: = Chemical Orgasmic Science Infinitely creative.


1. Carbon Radiant Energy True Orgasmic Reality

2. Currency Rays Energized Time Omnipresent Realm

3. Circuit Revolving Electron Atom Opioid Reaction

4. Chemical Reacting Electric Atomic Origin Radiation


1. Carbon Radiation Energy Travel Organic Rays

2. Concurrent Realities Executing Actions Time Infinite Optical Radiation


(1) Chemical Hydrogen Energy Mind Image Color Rays Existing Atomic Timetable Infinite Orgasmic Numerations.

(a) Meaning that chemical atomic actions with hydrogen elemental energies artfully formulated the mind’s images of visual color rays of prismatic spectral hues. That is existing as atomic ages of time tested true, which are orgasmic organisms, opioids chemistries, physics mental and brain narcotics, generating a native-natural high, holy heavens Love Sensations Spirit Sublime!!!


(1) Chemistry Orgasmic Solarsun Membrane Infinite Creativity Realized EcoEnergystics Atomicolor Truth Original Radiantrays,

(2) Colorcomplextrix Origin Spiritious Mindomain Intelligent Creative Reality Executed Terrestrial Organic Reactions



Caucapitalists; Means Caucasian capitalists. Concurrently CauCasoidians, criminal CauCrazians collective corrupt citizenry. The capitalizes on captives caught and caged inside citywide – countywide + countrywide concentration camps, continental compounds. General capital cash currencies off of oppression, reaping riches by raping and robbing royalties. Repressing rational reasoning! They spread sickness syndromes, superiority supremacy, satanic sensations, sinister sciences, serving the snake serpent systemic system Satan!


COMMERCE = COMMERCY: = co + com + me + mercy._ chant + an + ant. Commercial = Commercy-money + Commerchant; Completely comprises, compasses clean cultured capital cash currency. Meaning making more meaningful money mercifully. Manufacturing mechanisms, methods, that are mercy merchant monies. Merchandise made in a manner that is not corrupted, commercially crooked – contaminated by criminalizing contagions!


DEMOCATHOLIC: Defines demonic democratic catholic. = ‘Demon-ocracy’ dictators democracy. Devil Damned Demo-Catholicism! Cat + at + holi-cism = removing that; in which would be holy = Holicide. Catholicide, causing civic combustible conflicts, corrosive cancers. Conscientious combatant crook. Committing corruptible crimes, concocting contagious contaminants, citywide – countywide – countrywide.

Democatholic Devolution: + Digressive, dangerous developments, deviously deceptive doings. Defective, dysfunctional devils – demons. Holistory Heritage Health, held human hostages under inhumane hideously hostile hatred!

Defined: CauCrazian Cat-Holi-cism: can’t stand cats, felines, lions and tigers and black panthers, cougars, bobcats. Due to them having a half-human hybridizing humanity. A regressive, recessive, recalcitrant reality = racist renegade rouge Reptilian Race Religion!!!


1. Deified Intelligence Volcanic Infinite Energy

2. Dynamic Infused Viral Intellect Neutron Electron

3. Dimension Internal Volume Inflamed Nuclear Energies


1. Decreed Energy Internalized Talented You

2. Divinity Executed Infinite Truth Yours

3. Developed Explosive Intelligent True Yolk

Deified Dimensions, Digitalized Computerized Calculus, Mathematics & Arithmetic. Multiplying multimillions in logical linking numbers in organized order. Dimensionally designed in decisive precisions. A universal self replicating realities, beyond the common sensibilities, in existences, regardless of human perceptions, impressions and or sensations.

Dividualist: = One who uses both brain sides, artfully applies a dualistic left + right hemispheric function of their bright brilliant brain or brains. Conscious, conscience Cosmic CREATIVITY + Orgasmic Opioid Organic ORIGINALITY.

Dividualistic: = A doubling, symphonic synchronized synthesis simultaneous sensations or sensibilities being used, applied artistically. Everything started or starts as an art formulation. Even as a spirit, source, science, system. Which I name THE BLACKRAYS = AFPHA-ACTIONARIES x ARTHIEST ATOM AMENRA RADIENT RAYS.


Dualism = dual … du·al’…Show Spelled[doo-uhl, dyoo-] Show IPA


1. of, pertaining to, or noting two.

2. composed or consisting of two people, items, parts, etc., together; twofold; double: dual ownership; dual controls on a plane.

3. having a twofold, or double, character or nature.

4. Grammar . being or pertaining to a member of the category of number, as in Old English, Old Russian, or Arabic, that denotes two of the things in question.

noun Grammar .

5. the dual number.

6. a form in the dual, as Old English git “you two,” as contrasted with ge “you” referring to three or more.


CHAPTERRAIN: = cha + chap + chapter + terrain + rain.

Chap-ter-rain: Chapters contained inside our Biblessed Book Benefit Blog. My mastermind messiah mental models.

ChriystLikelyen chapters, color coded contextual character contents. Each one consists of Loverbs and Loverses. (verses)

Afrionictionary: Afrionics + Afringlish + Afribets and as Africoidian ascendants, All Alpha-Alkebulan-AfricAspora! pt1


Divine Decreed Deified Dictionary

 ALKEBULAFRICA: = All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa. An all and in all around AfricAspora. = a + Africa + as + po-Ra. Instead of our old-school stagnant saying; Diaspora. = Die – as – poor – a. No more meaninglessness, mindlessness mental models!

AFRICALKEBULAN: = All Alpha-Africa-Alkebulan = a + al + key + bu + land

YES, our originating organic organisms lands = Mother homelands. That in which, has holistic human healthy healing, HER Hotep help! SHE, serves, saves solar sexus souls, spirits, minds and bio-body-beings. Rare rich royalties, resources, righteousness, radiant Rayzial realities. (As opposed to “racial”.)

AfricAspoarAfricAspoar_neg image

AFRINDIAMERICA: AfrindiAmerica: =

Africa + India + Indian + America

AfrIndiAmerican =

African = India – Indian + indigenous inhabitant + American.

Afrindian: =

African + Indian = indigenous inhabitant.

AmeriAfrindian: =

American + African + Indian



Afrionics – Afrionixz + Afringlish; are identical twin pairs, partners of one another. Each of them represents a sophisticated enhancement, elevation of the ‘white and black’ x ebonics, English language of the America United States. It is legitimatised instead of being “bastardized” from the beginning of Racist religious enslavements of Africa’s Africoidians upon the North American continent. Which wicked witchcraft Whit-tie whip Cracker CaucAsian Caucasoid criminal creatures, crazies carried on their terrorist tissue torments, terrifying tong tortures!

AfriCaucAsians; AfriAsiatiCaucasoidians:

AFRICAUCASOID = AFRICAUCASOIDIAN: Closer optically optimized observations,, objectively, opens your closed eyes to see crystal clear with complete clarity. Africaucasoidian. They are actualized attributes Africanized. My mastermind messiah mental models, melaninated members x mutated membranes, mentality mixtures. Manifested material matter = MainKind. (mankind)

Afrioriginals + Albinoriginals: Interbreeding, being born back into the stored rebirth, better blessedly born baby box of; z-blackxz, z-bluexz, z-brownxz bio-bodily beings. Multiplied x times over again, adding attributes, artful arrangements, admixtures. Psychologically + Physiologically.

Planetary populace people’s photon phenotypes, solar sunshine skin surface stereotypes, green grassroots ground growths gainful genotypes, generated a grandly great genesis genius, gracious gifts.

AFRIGENESIS + AFRIGENIUS: Talented tissue traits toning-tanning; turning, twisting, touching, tuning throughout territorial-terrestrial times. Artistically actualized Afrigenesis and also arrived; Afrigenius!!

Basically because by breaking back down the elemental factors, equations are actualized, then thus, factored in and figured out. Yes, the unique Albinos are Africoidians, of z-Whitexz, z-Pinkxz pigmented persons, pearly pale pink people’s planetary population.

And they are the one’s who would eventually evolve creatively. Due to the freezing ice cold concurring climatic conditions, Caucasus caves causing them to devolve, descend demonically = devilishly deduced. No longer authentic Africoidians; but, Caucasoidians.

Superficial – Surfaces: Facial features, and to some degrees, their hair textures gradually changed from kinky, nappy, curly, wavy, to straight. Resulting from the types of windy weather wrath Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom, wanted to expose them to. Equals = The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature!!!

Albeit, blessed by better benefits, being blended back into the original family folds, tribal clans, center carbon core creation cradle = continental Africa. They then became product person – people who I identify as AFRICAUCASIANS _ AFRICAUCASOIDIANS. Lesser lower case letters = AfriCaucAsians and or AfriCaucasoidians.

Some of these mutating melanin member membranes, are still Semi-Albinos. Are Africoidians + Negroidians + Mongoloidians + Caucasoidians, having blackish – reddish – brownish – yellowish, whitish, pinkish pigmentation coloration complexions. Often appearing to be dark skinned Europeans, Arabs, Indians-India – native-Americans, Asiatic Africans – Afroasiaitic. Italians, Spaniards, (Jewish – Jews – Gypsies). All admixtures, having darker, shaded, toned, tanned, skin sunshine sheens. [Half-Hue-Mains – Hybrid-Humans.]

Our originating organic organisms, optical Occupyneers, as early Earthors of planet Mother Earth, were, central carbon core cradle creations. Beauteous born biological bodies, beginnings being better bestowed blessed; by The BLAC-KEYS and of The BLACKRAYS!!

Everybody’s tissue tones, tans, tints, sunshine solar skin shades-sheens, cosmetic complexions, colorations came cultured clean, concurrently correct, consummately cured. (Healthy humans, having no corrosive cancers, corrupt criminalities, crooked consciousness, cursing capitalist-colonialist-corporatist contaminating contagions!)

AFRICANGLO-AMERICA; as opposed to polarized “Colored People” or people of color. These are biological bodily beings, based better beneficially born blessed; because of an and in all Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa. African + Anglo + American attributes. And also, Africanglo-American = African-Anglo-American = amalgamated admixtures. (Often mistaken for wanna-be “Whites”.)

Affected: Also means melaninated membrane members taking on the symbolic representations of Anglo-America’s “asili” = asinine ass antagonist adversarial attitudes, against African-ish attributes and are anti-Africanology. Anglo-Americans refusing to acknowledge and accept the truest scholarly studies of solarized sunshine Sciessence, surfaced skin science.

Although Africoidians in the Americas Satanist States – Sadist Statutes, successfully secedes, separates societies, segregates sacred Spiritious sanctuaries. Silently serving sanity, secretly sparing sound sensibilities, surely saving sovereign solar sexus souls; of original Occupyneers ownerships!

ANTE-ANCIENT-ANCESTRAL: Meaning before and in advance to any Anglo Saxon Germanic activity assumed and alleged ancient. Strictly saying and specially straightening out our originating Holistory Heritage Health. The earliest European existence, isn’t trustfully of antiquity. It’s his-story = human held in hostile hate history! ( ref. )

They’re misgiving mind media monsters of conscious confusions and contentious chaos. Including himself, as a so self said; “White Man” inside somebody else’s past times, prior period, post + present.

Therefore, we’re going in front of and before anything Euro-Anglo-Americans can conjure up and criminally concoct. I’m expressly naming these true Holistoric or historic or prehistoric HueMainKindians.

HUEMAIN-KINDIANS: = hue + main + in + kin = kind + i + an x Indians

Hue Main Kind: = complete composite cosmetic coloration complexions; = center carbon core cradle creation. These humans are kind, kindhearted, kinfolk, kindred, kin. They’re the main melaninated membrane members, MASTER1 Media, Mastermind melanin messiah mental models.

ante-a prefix meaning “before,” used in the formation of compound words: anteroom; antebellum; antedate.

anti-a prefix meaning “against,” “opposite of,” “antiparticle of,” used in the formation of compound words ( anticline ); used freely in combination with elements of any origin ( antibody; antifreeze; antiknock; antilepton ).

AFRICANTI-ANGLO: = Africa + anti -Angloidian. An also: Ante-Anglo-America. = ANTEANGLO + ANTIANGLO AMERICANS!!

Meaning before and against; all angry asinine ass Anglo-American antagonists, adversaries, alien agencies; acting adversely against All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa and ascendant Africoidians (Negroidians)

AFRICANGLOS & AFRICASIANGLOS: Now today, a multitude of melaninated member membranes, are transfigured terrestrials, territorial trans-tissue tones – tans – tints. Evolved eloquently, elegantly; as AfricAnglos, or African-Anglo-Americans + Asians. As amalgamated and aggregated Americanized Anglos & Africans & Asians. (read research ref. )

AFRICAMERICASIANS: = African + American + Asian. Artistic attributes and arrived amalgamations actualized aggregations. Africamericasians

Africarbonxz: = carbon core creation cradle center = Afri-car-bo-nation.

Africentrixz or Africenter: = central cosmic creativity x core conscious creation. Continental Constitutional; ColorComPlexTrix; as the culminating CosmiColoRayz.


Al + Key _bu + land


AFRICANGLOS: AfricAnglo-Americans; = Africans + Anglos. As admixtures – amalgamations.

Africoideliberation = Africoideliberator; Are Arthiest Actionary Americanized Africans. And also, Africoidelineators + Africoidelineation. Delineators + Deliberators divinely declared, decreed deliberated.

Artistic-ally = Artistic-allies; = aligned allegiance.

Artisticallysm instead of capitalism, Catholicism.

AFRIDENTITY: = Africa Identity. Wexz & Usxz have arrived. Already, able and authentically authorized, anointed, appointed Actionaries. Yes activated Africoidians, as z-blackxz, z-bluexz, z-brownxz, AfriOriginals + z-white and z-pinkxz pigmented persons, as AlbinOriginals!! They are our originating organic organisms, as native-naturals, indigenous inhabiting Afrindians, AmeriAfrindian identities.

Africarambee Africadio Z-BlackRayz Radio: Adding artistic attributes, vivid vibrating values, worthy wealth, to our Occupyneers optimized original orgasmic organic organisms. Objective Orgon Omnipresence!

We’s & Us’s are opening the closed locked doors of omnipresent opportunities, artfully applying Z-Blac-Keyz to open our optimal options, other oncoming objectivities and officiating originalities.

CK-NWCA, does things in their talented timetables; testifying total told truths, 100+; unto themselves evidently. Obviously open, ostensibly to the wholesome worldwide woven web of wittier wisdom.

Uniquely explained examples: Africarambees are actualized Arthiest Actionaries = announced Africadio. An artistically applied approach; authentically authorized and appropriately approved ancestry and appointed anointed artistry. All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa!

AFRICACULUS: = a + Africa + Fri + ca + cu + us

Africa Calculus: = counting continental plates, plateaus, parts, places ,positions, people, populations, persons, pieces, platforms and platoons. Us calculated on Africoidian African terms, artwork arithmetic x mental mathematics. Adding and multiplying mindsets, membranes, materials, methods. Endless entities, exercises, executions, estimating efficiencies, efforts, ecologies + economics = EcoEnergystics. An all and in all inclusive infinity, everything, everybody, encompassing ColorComPlexTrix + Maatrix = Soultrix + Spiritrix. Symbolically sounding similar to matrix.

“Calculus is the study of change, in the same way that geometry is the study of shape and algebra is the study of operations and their application to solving equations. A course in calculus is a gateway to other, more advanced courses in mathematics devoted to the study of functions and limits, broadly called mathematical analysis. Calculus has widespread applications in science, economics, and engineering and can solve many problems for which algebra alone is insufficient.”

“Calculus has historically been called “the calculus of infinitesimals” or “infinitesimal calculus“.” More generally, calculus (plural calculi) refers to any method or system of calculation guided by the symbolic manipulation of expressions.”

Avatarts = Avatararts = Avatartry = Avatartistry Avatartist; Divine decreed definition meaning: one who writes wisdom well with wishes, wants, wits and will. An original creative designer, of Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs. Draws + depicts picture portrayals, in pyramid panorama phenomena. Equals= Deified digitalized drama = Digitdrama /Deiaspora + Diaspora. Spreading Spiritious or Spiritualized sublime sensations. Sending splendid sounds solemnly, subliminally silently said.

1. ARTIST: + CHD =

(1) Atom Radiant Talent Infinite Science Truths

(2) Atomic Rays Terrestrial, Intelligence Spiritious Tests

(3) Action Relayed Time Imaged Sacred Texts

(4) Actualized Reality Travel Infinitesimally Solarized talents

(1) Christ Horusheart Deity

(2) Chemistry Healing Divine

(3) Carbon Heart Dimension

(4) Currency Health Declared

CHRIST: = Cosmic + Huemain + Rises + Infinitely + Spiritiously + True

2. YES: As I have holistically defined the wealthy word to mean, equals = Cosmic Huemain Rises Spiritiously True. Inclusively, Color Hue Ray Infinite Spiritious Truth! Signifying C.H.R.I.S.T. Yes, it’s all about how We’s & Us’s choose to create the English wording to be and what it is meant This truly is our optional objectively optimized Afringlish = creatively evolution of the Euro-Anglo-American English “bastardized” versions.

3. CHRISTLIKELYEN: = Christ + Like + lyen

(a) Carbon Helium, Radiant Infinite Spiritious Truth Love Intelligence Kindhearted Energized Life You Eternalize Naturally

(b) Chemistry Hydrogen Rays Infinite Science Tested Light Limitless Inflamed Kinetic Energy Living Young Eternally Natural

(c) Colorful Heat Radiation Internal Solar Travel Love Indelibly Kinetically Energized Light You Envision Natively

(d) Twenty First Century CyberSpaceAge ChristLikelyen Capital Cash Currency Concentration, = clean cultured commission calling causes.

Aggregation Amalgamation Artistication.

Aggregated Amalgamated Artisticated.


AFRICAGENDA: = a + Fri + ca + en + age

AGENDAFRICA: = // paralleling (phonetic) paradigms. = Africa + Agenda:

Africagenda: = actualizing Africoidian Africa’s agenda. Expressly, expertly expedited by Africanized + Americanized Africans. As opposed to the de-Africanized African Americans! In spite of Westernized – Europeanized so sadly said: “Blacks”. Butt better beneficially bestowed blessed by being: Z-BLACKRAYZ as BLACKEYS; that opens ostensibly the closed doors of Divinity. And artistically, unlocking the deliberated domains, dimensions deemed – decreed DEIFIED!

AFRICAMEN-RADIO: = Africa + Amen + Ra + Radio




Amenrafrica: = a + am + me + men + Ra + Africa

AFRICAMENRAMBEE: = Africa + Amen + Ra + Ram + Bee .

Africamen rambee:




AFRICARBONATION: Africa + Fri + car + ca + carb + carbon + carbo + bon + on + at + nation + ion + on

AFRICARBONATE: = Africa + Carbon

(a) means that the color codes of continental Africa, is one of carbon, center core creation cradle. Apparently appears to be bold Black – Blue-Brown darkest dimensions; decreed divine, deliberated-declared Deified. Based on Z-BLAC-KEYS = Z-BLACKRAYZ!!

AFRIONICS: AMERI-AFRINGLISH: = Africa + In + English = In Americas.

Ameri-Afrionics: //= paralleling Ebonics!! Very well rounded resonant recitals. Rare Rich Royal rhetoric, astutely apt articulations, artistically expressed expertly = excellently. Teaching, training the tong to twist and turn; load, lock, lead, shoot strategically strait, strict, specific.

Ameri-Afringlish: Mean to talk through talented tongs, total told truths, in terms of what is true, time tested, thorough. Which world’s wealthy wisdom weaponized, is a mystery Mystory + Our-story vs. His-story = hideously hostile hegemony hate history!

Afrindependence vs. independence – isolation, integration.

Afrindependent: = Africa + in + pen + end + de + den + dent.

AfrinDependants: Defined to mean Americanized Africans and Africa’s dependants.

These talented true-up terms, teaches truths, thus turns around all adverse antagonist, alien agents, as asinine ass angry Anglo-America. Meaning melanin membrane members, are no longer seeking segregation, separation, seclusion; but, total Africanized independence = Afrindenpendence. Developing dependants upon Africa’s rare rich royal resources + realized righteousness = Rayzial radiance.

AFRICASCENT: A + Africa + ca + as + ascent + cent.

Africascent: = acceding + aspiring + accelerating Africans as Americans, and Africoidians, Afrindian, AmeriAfrindians.

Africascendants: = Africa’s ascendants awaking and arising, achieving and activating Arthiest Actionaries.

Afringlish + Afribets = Advancing Afrionics: One may verbally or orally express any of these wealthy words of wisdom, artfully applying accents = Africascents, anyway that they choose, desire, wish and want to. Expressive emphasis placed on whatsoever, parts of speech – syllable, suffix or prefix. Equals enhanced – elevated + excelled English.

Africadical: vs. Radical!! Allegiance and alliance as Africa’s attributing Africoidian ascendants. Are Arthiest Actionaries, and as artists, and actions artfully applied-approaches. Africadicalized instead of radicalized revolutionaries!

Let’s say for instance: some so self said; “Black Radicals” of “Black Radicalism”; are easily seen, shot at, due to being black branded. History says it’s not a very good strategy to fight in warfare. In fact it has proved time and time again, to be blatantly bad business!

An Africadical can counter combat competitors and or evil “Enemy Combatants”, concealed. We’s & Us’s carry courage, ostensibly openly our optimized artworks weaponized; worn with womanhood’s witty wisdom, worthy worships with whirl winds warfare weather wraths! Whipping werewolves – warlocks – warlords – westernized world WhitTies wicked witchcrafts!


Art-structive; Equals = artwork that is constructive, instructive; in and of itself. As opposed to being artlessly destructive and obstructive!

ARTHIEST, is an artist actionary, who artfully arranges things, draws, and paints portrait pictures. Doing so uniquely, creatively, imaginatively, foremost firstly = originality.

ArtStrucTrix, encompass everything that has been created by an originating Arthiest. The entire Electromagnetic Field ColorComPlexTrix, Maatrix, Soultrix, Spiritrix, were initiated by this FOREMOST FIRST ARTSTRUCTOR COSMIC CREATOR!.

Arts + Artworks + Artistry = Art-Struc-Trix.

AFRICALLAH: = Africa + call + ah = who we will want to call all Africa’s Africoidians, those individuals called, chosen, coming cleansed of all capitalist corruptions, civic crookedness. Commissioned by the Courageous Comforter Commander Chief COLOR KINGDOM NWCA.

Africallah: Chrislam: is a boldly built bridge for those persons who have decided to leave The Nation of Islam Muslims of Minister Mr. Louis Farrakhan, and also crossover from being a Christian church congregation concomitant or constituent citizen. Protestant-Baptist-Catholic, or anything else religious.

This is a designated neutron – neutral zone, a strategic staging section, rendezvous ChristIslamity, center carbon core creation cradle. Creating capital cash currencies. Consummating communions between brothers and soulful sisters, fathers and mothers, boys and girls, women and men, females and males. A perfected place where Feminine + Masculine Ecological, Economical energies – efforts maturely meets. Equals = EcoEnergystics!!

Neg-Ra = NegRayz or Neg-Rays: Anybody’s biological being that has Negroidian blood lines, historical heritage, lineages. Mixtures + admixtures. The “one drop rule” counts collectively. Like, what’s up my NegRas? Pronounced, raw or ray (s).

AmeNegRa; paralleling Amen-Ra or ray. Signifying, simply saying that this means sunrays, solar rays, light rays, of the darker shades, tanned-tone + tinted tissues. Melanin members membranes. Less Lilly white, more than bold black. Multiplex RAYZIAL vs. Racial!!


Americanized Amenegras, and or AmenNegRa Americans. What’s going on my Amennegra?

AmeriAfrican = AmeriAfricanism and or AmeriAfrism

AmeriAfricanist = AmeriAfrist =

AfricAmerism +AfricAmerist + Africamerian + Africamerist

AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, practices Pyramida Phenomena PanorAfricAspora! These are positive productive, progressive policies. Artistically expressed Eco-Energystics, as Afrionics.

1. AFRICOIDIAN: = a + Fri + co + id + dia + an

Divine Decreed Deified Dictionary

2. Afri-coi-dian _ or else _ Afri-coid-ian

(a) Mean melanin members + membranes + masterminds who or that are of our original orgasmic organic organism. Z-Blac-Keys of Z-BLACKRAYZ of The Blackrays. Not necessarily naturally native Negroids perceives as bio-bodily beings: z-blackxz and z-bluexz and z-brownxz.; only.

3. Butt, YES, including African Africoids as Albinoriginals as z-whitexz and z-pinkxz pigmented persons, plus+ people’s population. Never to be confused nor mistaken for Europeanized CaucAsian Caucasoids, of the ice-age cold climate Caucasus cave clans. NO!

AGENDAMN: = An Americanized African

AGENDAMNED: An African American

AGENDAMNATION: African Americanized antagonistic arch angel adversary, alien agent. One who hideously hides their agendas, behind “White Supremacy”; when what they actually are: Black Supremacy practitioners.
Black Skull & Bones… Boule”?!.

AFRICARAMBEE: = a + Fri + I + ca + car + RA + am + bee + be

Africarambee = Africaspora + Panorafrica Pyramida Phenomena. This is an authentically anointed, appointed Africoidian Americanized African. Our organic original organsim Occupyneer EATHORS. Humanoids – Negroids of z-blackxz, z-bluexz, z-brownxz, z-whitexz, z-pinkxz pigmented persons – people’s population. Afrioriginals + Albinoriginals biological balance!!

AfricaRambees: are as actionary honey bees and bumble bees. Happily harvesting holistic health, healing humane humors. The nurturing natural nectars of love + life + light + locks. Thus truly smells the sweet scents, flavors, flowing floras, fragrant flowers, fresh foods forevermore.

MASCULINITY + FEMININITY: Males & Females; Financed fitness, flaming fame, fearless fires, flying fortunes foundational funding, fortress. Spreading the perfumes of perfect pollen poles, pretty petals, placed upon the earthly planet.


Africasporascend: paradigm parallels Diaspora.

Afric-aspor-ascend_ or else_ Afri-ca-spo-ra-as-cend


Africa + aspirer + ascend: are Arthiests, who are ascendants, instead of downtrodden descendants. We’s & Us’s As authentic Africoidians aspire to rise, raise, to the highest heights of achievement successes.


Africaspirer: aspires Americas Africans and as Africoidians, AmeriAfrindians, Afrindians or African Americans.

Africaspiration; Afri-ca-spi-ra-tion_ or else_ Af-ric-as-pir-a-tion _or Afric-aspira-tion. Which strictly saying, specifically, that all African citizens are not true, anointed-appointed Africoidian Arthiests. They’re foreigner invaders, intruders, interveners, interrupters, of the foundational family folds. None were invited inside continental Africa, by legitimate leaderships. Butt were let in through faker fools who were politically propped up by Eurasians, Europeans, Asiatic Arabs. After they systemically, systematically assassinated, murdered, serially killed, our originating, organic African leaders, who were Warriors & Victors!!

AFRIHEARAMBEES: Africa + Hear + Bees _ or else_ =

Africa + hear + he + ear + ea + Ra + a + ram + am + be + bees +

Afrihearambees: buzzing, blinking, rambling, batting, flapping, flying, waving, Y‘all can clearly hear the healthy honey helpers, beauteous bumble bees, blessing blossoms, blooming fresh fragrant flowers.

original organic Africadio or Afriradio Realivision = A-RLV = Africoidian Real Live Vision >>> coming soon someday?!. Leaving the old-school song singing, entering economy + ecology = ecoenergystics world new-school, scholarly spirituous song singing, Twenty First Century Cosmic-Computer CyberJazzBluesRapP: HipP & LapP!!

AFRICAMENRADIO: = Africa + AmenRa + Radio


AFRICAMENRAMBEE: = Africa + Amen + Ra + Ram + Bee .

Africacoidian Africa Spiritious Sacred Syllabic Symbol_small

AFRICOID = AFRICOIDIAN: An all and in all inclusive native natural name. Africans arriving as ascendants, ascertaining All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa!

ArtistCHD1 AmeriAfrindian: = an artist, an American + indigenous inhabitant Indian. Avatar Avenger Arthiest Actionary. And y’all now know that it is me myself, I AM. The native-natural name that I’ve identified as my biological bodily being, plus+ personality, physiology – psychology. Concurring cosmic creativity, conscience, conscious, contextual character contents. Representing my Sovereign Solar Sexus Soul + Sacred Spirit = Spiritious Sanctuary = Soultrix & Spiritrix!! Thus ‘to know thyself’ + TO LOVE THY SELF!!

All Africans in Africa are not authentically authorized Africoidians. Expressly, Europeans, existing evil enemy Eu-Rope-ans of Europe; Eurasia = Eurasians. They are also Anglo-Americans, against ancestral Africa’s ascendants. Criminal CauCrazians, commonly called Caucasians = Caucasus cave cold climate cannibalistic crawling creatures, concurrently Caucasodians. Crazy captors, corrupted crooks, contaminating citizens cross countries and continentally. Are attempting to be or become ancient Africans in Africa. Hostile, hateful half-hybrid humaniod haplo-type traits, that didn’t exist until relatively recently. Mostly mutated melanin-less membrane members, defectively devolved Afri-AlbinOriginals. No longer an actual Africoidian.

NOTE vs. Vote: Color cosmetic complexions, superficial surface skin shades, terrestrial tones – territorial tans – tints, do not necessarily need to be bio-bodily beings bases. The Lights and The Darks pigmentations + phenotypes, are authentically authorized attributes. Originating inside homeland Mother Maatrix and Her healthy holistic HueMainKind healed happy-humored HueMainRays, vital-VegPlanTerRain.

Nkosi Mundari: ‘Religion – Self hatred’ – “Hold Your Slave Master and Sellouts Among you responsible!” “The definition of truth is that which is, or conformity to fact or reality“ If what you believe in doesn’t conform to a fact, and it does not conform to reality, and is simply based on belief, then by definition, it is not the truth.” “Remember this, we should always seek the highest truth, or the best way in all that we do. Is the way of the true warrior, to follow truth no matter where it may lead.” “And I’ll leave you with this one: I as one, am weak and alone. We as many, are divisible and vulnerable. But we as one, are mighty and unconquerable!” “Our enemies see us as one people, and attack us accordingly!“ Asati Sana?

AMERICAFRICADEMY: America + Africa + Academy.
Americ-Afric-Academy – AmericAfricAcademy – AmericAfricademy.

Americans + Africans of the AfricAspoara, loving to learn long-lasting leadership lessons. Everlasting Lords Love Life Light Locks. Winner-Warrior We’x & Us’s are always awarded, advancing and accelerating academics and achieving at AmericAfricAcademy.


ANGLORY + ANGLORIOUS: Anglory: = Anglo + Glory: Defined as Americanized Anglos who wantonly wish to be seen and perceived as being glorious givers, glorified as “God”; Lords & Saviors. Yet the only thing that they truly give in a glorious way, is wicked WhitTie witchcrafts = warlords – warlocks – werewolves – warmongers! Falling fatally short of the gifted glory of our one only; SUNGODD DEITY (Divine Decreed Disc) = SOLARSUN.



Arthiest_color neg image

AFRI-CAP-IT-ALLY: Anybody as an Africaspora ascendants, and Africoidian, Afrindian, AmeriAfrindian, African American.

Africapitally; avails allies, associates, affiliates, affirmations; and allegiances.

Africapitalist or AfriCap-it-allyst: = All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa, capital cash currency. Circulating circuits, conscious causes, cosmic creative conscience.


Afric-ascent as an Africascendant. Arising awakening Afrcascendance.

Africoidians are advancing and ascending, as opposed to descending. The old-schools backwards vs. upwards, terminology, is outdated, obsolete, oppressive, offensive, obscene!

Artificial Attributes: An aberration, abnegation of the self, by defining Africans in America as descendants. Likewise, the negative naming us as a “RACE” and of “Black Race” or “Black People“! When in factual reality, RAYZ = radiance rays, reveals cosmetic coloration complexions, superficial surface skin solarization = sunshine science, spiritualized Sciessence. We’re of The BlackRayz!

ANGLOCCUPY: Angloccupiers: Are Anglos occupying originally occupied, indigenous inhabited lands. Then historically and presently pirating planetary people’s populations. Continentally claiming that they “discovered”, this – that or the other geographic land location. CauCrazians confiscating and criminally capturing countries!

Officially occupying others originalities, organic organisms. CauCrazians confiscating and criminally capturing countries. Entrapping – enslaving Africoidians, Afrindians and AmerAfrindians.

Americanglo: = an American + Anglo.

Americanglosaxon; an American + Anglo + Saxon. Means an African can be an Anglo and a Saxon. (Germanglo)


ARTISTRATE: = a + art + is + artist + Ra + rat + rate + ate

ARTISTRATION: Defined to mean an artistic applied approach. Artful actions = Arthiest Actionaries instead of rebel revolutionaries. Instead of to illustrate or ill-us-trate, we are to Art-is-trate. Artwork rated realistically. Realized rare rich royalties, resources rendered righteously. Artist-Ra!

ARTRAIT: = art + Ra + it

ARTISTRAIT: = art + is + Ra + trait + it.

Art-is-traits: are artists truest talented traits. Artistic aptitudes and attributes and attitudes, artfully applied approaches.


AFRICART: – AFRICARTIST: = a + fric + art + ist

Africartist: an Arthiest Actionary. One who draws designs, and paint portrait pictures, dealing with Africa, Africans, Afrindians, AmeriAfrindian, Africoidians of the AfricAspora. All around our orbiting Global World Nations Mp3.


ARTWORKEYS; Artworks are an all and in all; inclusive input. Comprising and compassing the complete constituents and a consummated collection. Expressly, my mastermind meta-musicals, melanin media, methods, mechanisms, messiah mental models. Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs. Cyber-Jazz-Blues-RapP; HipP & LapP; my writings, blogs, and Web sites.

Authentic Art-wor-keys. = art + work + keys: Means those that open closed locked dollar doors. Divine dimensions, domains, developments, digitalized designs.


AFRIFATOO FOODOO : = a + fri +fat + at + to + too x food + do + doo.

Afrifatoo FooDoo Diet and Voo Doo: Means melaninated membrane members of All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa’s Africoidian ascendants, ate animals adiposity. Fearlessly fishing for fresh fish, feasting for flesh; first family foundational fats. Salvation’s saturated sustenance too! Fatty foods feeds fullness, fitness, firmness, finesse, yes they do!


Afrionictionary Afribets E F G H I J K pt3 Divine Decreed Deified Dictionary!



ECOMONEY: Enclosed economy. Entertaining economics, ecologies = energy entities, = excelled Ecomonics x EcoEnergystics = $$$

Ecomoney: = e + eco + co + com + mo + on + one + money.

Ecomonyxz and EcoMoneyxz

ECOENERGISTICS: Equals Enhanced Exercises, Executions, Excellences, extending exponentially efficient English. Loading language words widening with wiser wealthier wisdom. Certainly children can comprehend creative concepts, completely, consummately and confidently!


EMPIREVIL: = empire + evil.

Empirevil: = Defined as the empire is evil. Lets say for examples: The Europeans empire is evil in existence and essence. Devilishly degenerate, demonically devolved EuropeAnglos = Germanglos. = GermAngloSaxons. They’re the originating Germans.  Crazy citizens contrived civic conflicts, conscious confusions, combustible chaos. Concurrently conceived and concocted by criminally corrupted CauCrazians, commonly called CaucAsians. Eurasians = Europeans + Asians.

EMPIREVILIAR: = empire + evil + liar. Historical hatemongers who’re evil liars of enemy empires. Europeanized enmities, entities, eugenicists, extortioners, exceptiionalists, executors.  Such as those thug terrorist, raping and robbing Mother Africa of Her rare rich royal resources. Monetary making-manufacturing minerals. Bias biggots bogusly building European nations, CauCrazian countries!

Empirevilie – Empireviliar: Means each empire equals = a liar, tells the lie. And that the empire they build, is basely built upon a sinister satanic stack of fraud in fact lies of longstanding losers, leading lost liars. Expressly, Eu-Rope-ans evil enemy empire. Evolved empirical evilness!

EVILIEMPIRE: = evil + lie + empire.

Eviliempire: Means an evil lying empire. Evilly existing enemies, enmities, Eu-Rope-ans evilness exercised. A satanic system built upon the backs of slave labors, entrapped – enslaved Africoidians of All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa.


ECONUMBRICS: = ecology + economy + numb + numbers + bricks.

Econumbrics or Econumberics: Namely numbing numbers. Neutral – negative – native – natural numerals. Numeric bricks, added and subtracted and multiplied, concurrently counted capital cash currencies.

ECONUMBERS + ECONUMERALS: Includes income, extra-economic earnings. Energetic efforts added together tightly in a timely financial fashion. One can calmly count without emotionalized energies. Such as US Dollar bills in their truest values, worth – wealth. No more and no less = $$$

FFiTrixz - FitnesiTricz


FiTrixz: = fine fitting fashion fabrics. Following the full figure flowing fluidity, of the human anatomy, physiology or physique. Tight thin things to wear for summer sunshine, serenely sublime solar sexus souls server, sure safe Savior!

FitnessiTrixz. Fulfulling frameworks, revealing how that the human bio-body build, is an artworks. Of many members, companions, compatible parts, put together as one HueMain-Kind + HueMain-Rayz.


FOOLIPS: Equals = fools lying lips, loose lips that fools run rampantly. Meaningless motor-mouths. Talkative tongs, talk show host, guest speakers, spewing out stupid stuff. Things that they don’t truthfully know all about.




Goverse: = go + verse = Go-Verse as opposed to govern!

Goversemental vs. Governmental!!

Goversing vs. Governing… goversed instead of governed.

Goversance vs. Governance

Government Gangsters = guilty gamblers…ghetto generating grownups.

YES: It is in factual reality, various hand picked politicians going into governmental offices, who will wantonly wish to control citizenries, cities, counties, countries, continents cosmetic coloration complexions. Expressly, Europeans = Eu-Rope-an evil enemy entities, commonly called Caucasians, devolved into CauCrazians. Criminal capitalists – corrupt colonialists – crazy corporatists, crooked Caucasoidians of the freezing ice cold climatic cannibalistic Caucasus caves crawling creatures. And arriving asinine ass angry Anglo-Americans, as antagonist adversaries and alien agents; anti-All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa and ascendant Africoidians.

After, implanting, embedding their politicized puns, puppet props, they let – allow – permit their “White Race”; come inside internal indigenous inhabitants lands. Raping, and raiding, robbing rare rich royal resources. Kidnapping people of color’s children, infant babies, for financial funding, profiteering prices. Buying and selling human bio-bodily beings. Calling such slave trades, adoption of nonwhite kids. Out of charity, compassion, humanitarian help, because “White People” say that they love melanin membrane members skin shades and tissue tans. But, that’s their tyrannical thug terrorist treachery- racist rationalizations, satanic self-serving sickness syndromes. Deceptive projections and gross distortions of reality!


GERMANGLO: Means melanin-less, colorless Caucasians, Caucasus cave creatures correctly called, Caucasoidians. Cold climate citizens!

These terrestrial, territorial tissue terrorists, torturers, tormenters, treacherous thug tyrants, were warmongers, westernized world werewolves, warlocks, warlords, wizards, wicked witchcraft WhitTie whip Cracker CauCrazians. Corrupt criminals – crooked conquerors – crazy captors!

All Anglo-Americans, Europeans are actually Germans and or Germanic! Branching out of original occupied lands of Germany. Devolving descendants, demonically devious, destructively devilish denominations. Dividing into ethnicities, early English, French, Italians, Spanish, Russians, British, Polish, Scottish, Irish, Portuguese, so forth and so on. But, they’re all of the very same self said: “White” “RACE”. Or as I have happily held them to be: Racists!

Europeanglos, evolved evilly, into evil enemy Eu-Rope-ans, enmity emitting entities. Eu-Rope-Anglo-Americans, as asinine ass alien agents, antagonist adversaries! Against Americanized Africans, Afrindians, Afriocoidians and AmeriAfrindians! AmericAnglos are anti-All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa!!!

FEMININITRIXZ = FEMININITY: is no Cosmic CREATOR, She is only the Carrier of the Solar Sexus Soul Semen Sperm Seeds Sown Solemnly Sublime. Impregnated into the pains of labor of life of the Lords Love Life Lights Locks, Equals = ecology, economics, EcoEnergystics x Masculinity + Femininity!!

Her deliverance develops creatures, being bio-bodily born, blessed birth, artfully forms living things, shapes plants, animals, humans, insects, reptiles.

Love Goddess – Geodess, Mother Nature Earth; is a receiver, a female receptor. Not a giant GENERATOR GIVER, which is optically obvious, our orgasmic Sovereign SOLARSUN = SUNGODD DEITY = Divine Decreed




GEODD vs. God: Having varying pronunciations, similar speech sounds, spoken symbolically. Gard-jard like lord-lard. Or else: G_odd, ge-odd, jee-odd.

Geometrixz; paralleling paradigm to geometries – geometric; Equals = down to planet earth green grassroots gainful growths. The plant + animal + human cosmic coded COLOR Kingdom New World Creative Arts.

Geodd; Divinely decreed geology, geometry, geography. Global World Nations.

GEODDESS GENOBLESS: Equals = Mother Madam Matriarch MaaTrixz; SHE’S HERTXZ = Female Femininity Family Food Foundation. Financial fame, and fortunate findings + funding FeatuRayz.

Geoddess = perfected paralleling paradigm to Goddess!! It’s my mastermind mental model, melaninated member method, membrane militarized mechanism. A material matter manifestation; that’s absolutely, not manmade, manufactured mythology = MYTHOLIGION, nor religion. Instead, an artistic Inner-Vision, RealiVision = Real Live Vision. Butt, better bestowed blessed, beneficially born by being bio-bodily balance!!

Geoddeity, Deified dimensional domain, decreed divinity. Declared, deliberate degrees. Developed determination, deliberately designed destiny. Going in a certain direction, expecting to arrive on time, at a prescribed place. Traveling a roadway, running races realistically, righteously rendered. Decreed Divine Destination!


HUMBLESS: hum + um + bless + less = humble less. Meaning that it is blessed to cease being so humble. Acting as African descendants dumb down, domesticated, lowly in spirit, low self esteem.

Courageously, confidently counter combating those who wantonly wish that Africoidians, bow down to the images and ideologies of CauCrazians, commonly called Caucasians = Caucasoidians.

Y’all may often hear, African Americans, “Blacks” & Browns, redbones and high yellows, saying; how humble, this person is or the other being honored or interviewed online. It sounds sensible, savory sweet, but, it’s a cowardice conclusion, consciously concocted curse!

Courageous Confidence: calls for cosmic commands, self-assured actions, the processes of learning how to know what one is talking all about and actually doing artworks with wealthy wisdom.

HOLYST: = parallels holy, holist, holistic, holiest..

Holystic: defined to mean wholesome, holistic humane health habits.

Holystically = Spiritualized sensations, such as a solarized sexus soul. Humanized, materialized, colorized. Happily humored.

De-spooked, and sanely, soundly, sensibly shifted Spiritiousness, that transcends consciousness. And The Afrindian High Heavens Holy Ghost Spirit of Truth Powered Knowledge = Know How. = A Holyst.


IDEAFRICA = Idea + Ideology + ideals = identifications of original Africoidian Africa.


JUSTICESSENTIAL: = Justice that is essential. Each existing element, every effort, energy entity. Needed and necessary things, truths, true talents taken totally. JusticEssential: = jus + just + us + tic + justice + essential.

JUSTICESSENCE: = Meaning the very nature of justice. Simply so said, Just – essence. = Justice + Essence. Elevated – expressly enhanced English, creatively composed concept: JusticEssence.

JUSTICENTRALLY + JUSTICENTRAL: = Justice as a central carbon core, creation cradle composition. Just-i-central common command. A place or position that proposed and produces jurisdictional justice, to all HueMainKind.

Justicentral + Justicentrally: = just + us + justice + central + ally. Means an ally that is a central cause of us receiving justice. Just-i-central-ally.

JUSTICENTURY: = just + justice + us + cent + century. Just-i-century!

Justice + Century = Justice coming into being, existence, during the 21st century. Due to judicial jurisprudence, “Judgment Day” Divinely Decreed Deliberation, Declaration, Devil Damnation!



Afrionictionary Afribets L M N O P pt4 Divine Decreed Deified Dictionary

Divine Decreed Deified Dictionary


LOVERAIN LOVERAINITY: = lo + love + Ra + rain + in + nit + it – ity

Love + Rain: Mean a lover of rain, fresh rainwater, as a lover of life and longevity living. We love to drink water that rains down upon Love Goddess Mother Earth.


LOVEARN vs. Govern: Defined to mean, love that one earn. Learn to Lovearn yourself; instead of govern yourself. Each and everybody, everyone. Not necessarily instead, but, in addition!

LOVERNMEANT. Means love that was and is meant to be earned.

Lovearnmeant: = Love + ear + earn + me + an + mean + ea + ant + meant.

Lovearnance: The very native nature of loving oneself and love shown by others who truly do it in a loving manner. Having healthy meaning materially, and that listeners can hear with ears. Earmarked earned energies – economics, incomes. As opposed to tyrannical thug terrorists, termed, governance – government!!

In other words of wealthy wisdom, LovEar-nance and or LovEarn-ance, serves self sufficiency, self survival, self salvation. Societal safety, security, sacred sanctuary + solar sexus soul savior. Longstanding leading Lords Love Life Light Locks = SUNGODD DEITY.

LIEVIL: = lie + evil

Lievil: = A lie that is evil.

Lievillain; A lying evil villain. A place, person, position that tells evil lies as a vile villain. Villainous evil lie! Lie-Villainous; voluntarily vile, violent, vicious.


1. LUMILUCIFIRE – LUMILUCIDIFIRE: = illuminate + lucid + fire

2. Lumilucidifire or else Lumilucifire: lucidity that is fiery, flaming, ferocious, fearless, and has historically been feared frightfully to melanoma prone fair faced Lilly WhitTies wild west whip Cracker CauCrazian,  Eurasians – Arab slave masters. Those witchcraft wicked world ‘white westerners”; who perverted, criminally corrupting the title name Lucifer, who was originally ’the light bearer – light bringer – lamb or lamp of “God”!

3. Seeing how that they who lackluster melanination, less skin pigmentation, and are dysfunctional, defective mutations of Afrioidians as Afrioriginals of Africa. Foremost first as mutant Albinos or Albinoriginal who then transverse themselves into environmental evolved existences, exegetics executing adaptation for survival sakes.

4. Yet approx. about 88% to 90% ended down descended, into the cold climatic Caucasus caves, commonly called CaucAsian Caucasoid creatures. Fortunately as I’ve envisioned, imagined, estimated approx. about 10% to 12% were wealthier, wiser WHITEXZ + PINKXZ: saved solar sexus souls, some sane, sensible, sound societies survived. Stopped suffering sociopath supremacy superiority superpower sickness syndromes, sinister sorcerers snake serpent system SATAN!

5. Definition of LUCID “u·cid adj \’lü-səd\ 1a : suffused with light : luminous b: translucent <snorkeling in the lucid sea> 2 : having full use of one’s faculties; sane. 3: clear to the understanding: intelligible — lu·cid·ly adverb — lu·cid·ness noun .

6. Origin of LUCID Latin lucidus, from lucēre (see lucent) First Known Use: 1591. Related to LUCI

Synonyms: beaming, bedazzling, brilliant, candescent, clear, dazzling, effulgent, fulgent, glowing, incandescent, lambent, lucent, bright, luminous, lustrous, radiant, refulgent, sheeny, shining, shiny, splendid. Antonyms: dim, dull, lackluster, unbright, unbridling.”


Lesexians vs. Lesbians

Lovely Lesexy looking leading ladies = love life light locks.

Liarrogant = an arrogant liar, telling lies.

Livestration vs. illustration: basically because, ill + lust signifies Satanism, and or Satanist sayings, sensations, sinister, sorcerers sneaky, stealthy snakiest serpents. Illusionary image, illusive mindset, a serious sickness syndrome, is contain within the English wording – alphabetical lettering, etc. Howsoever, it has its proper place!

LIVESTRATION: on the other hand, denotes, depicts a life force, a living picture perfect portrayal. Having a healthful intrinsic vested value, interesting image. Giving the viewer or on looking person, a sense of wellness, liveliness, vividness, vitality and vigor.


LOVERBS + PROVERBS: = lo + love + verbs.

Love-Verbs: are lovers of the Ultra-ultimate universe. Verily verbally voicing vivid values. They are actually action words, persons, people, individuals, as names – nouns. Lovely words written and orally spoken, verbally voiced.

LOVERSE: Are poems, prose, sacred scripts, spiritualize sayings.

Love-Verse: Cover a complete covenant, concession, conversation; and or “Versation”. Universal understanding, utility of unity. Diverse dialogs – discussions; in Love Peace & Harmony, among Humanoidians. (humans = holistic hues.)


LAWICKED: = Law + Wicked.

Lawicked: = law + wicked; are lawless leaders who’re wickedly wrong. They make laws that entrap and enslave everybody economically valued. Worth worldly wealth, with wicked WhitTie witchcrafts. Using the legalities of lawlessness, to incarcerate, imprison nonwhites, people of coloration cosmetic complexions. Slavers satanically slaving solarized skin societies!


LEGALIENS: le + leg + gal + a + al + alien + lie + en + lien

Legaliens: = legal + alien who is a legalized liar. An alien agent, in a legally legislated, illegal institution. One that tell fraud in fact lies, by misleading liars.

LEGALIAR – LEGALIE: Lawyers leading their clients into loosening legal cases, by lying to them about the truer legalities of laws. Railroads and shotguns defendants through the criminalizing injustice system of Satanists and sick sadists!


MELANETRIX + MELANMULTIMIX: Equals = melanin + multi + mix. = MelanMultiMixity or MelaninMixMultiplicity; means many mutated melanin members, multimillion membrane mixtures. Mingling, mating, marrying, mixing = M1.M2.M3

DNA, aggregated amalgamation, assimilation, acumination, acclamation.

Melanetrix or Melaninetrix: Defines that there is a melanin making net. A molecular mechanism that catches, or receives rays of the SOLAR SUN = SUNGODD DEITY. A combustible cosmic chemical RAYZIAL reaction – radiant reality.

These tissues that are material matter manifested in the biological bodily beings, reveals radiance upon the humans surface or superficial flesh formulations. They are the truest reflections of these transitioning, transforming, transfigurations = cosmetic chemical creations.

Coded Color Complex = Codified ColorComPlexTrix. Coloration complexion of cosmetic skin pigmentation. These colorized codes are so complex, until nobody, can correctly count, calculate, in terms of mathematical numbers, these diverse dimensions, domains. On going growth and Divinely Decreed Development!


MEGA-META-MUSICAL: me + met + tam + music + al

Meta-Music: is my mastermind media, mega-meta-musicals, homemade mediums, mental models, methods, mechanisms. MASTER1 Melanin Messiahs. Not to be mistaken for metaphysical or metaphysics!!

I’m strictly, specifically speaking and talking all about: Cyer Jazz Blues RapP; HipP & LapP vs Hip Hop!!


Mytholigion = paralleling paradigm to religion!! The latter was wickedly winged out of the foremost first. A Eu-Rope-an interpretation and or misinterpretation. Commonly called; mythology – mythologies = manmade, manufactured myths.



Moneyedollar: money + on + one + eye + do + doll + dollar.

Money eyed dollar doll. Often called girl gold diggers. Fine fit females for finances, fames and fortunes = $$$ Women looking for more money = monetary means = dollars. As they act like deserving darling dolls.



MOMAAT = MOMAATRIX: = mo + mom + ma + maat + at + tri + ix + x

Mo-ma-at or Mom-a-at: Means momma and Mother Matriarch Maat.

MAATRIX: ma + at + tri + ix: means the ozonosphere, stratosphere, atmosphere, sphere that all living creatures, plants and animals, humanoids, live within, inside of. Everybody, everything, exists alive under her dimensional domain = Vital VegePlanTerRain. We’re all encompassed by and surrounded with. It’s a cosmic container, confined condition, circulating currencies – circuitries. Color-Complex-Consummation + Celestial Constellation.

HER = HERTXZ: = SHE as opposed to He or Him = HEATXZ!! The first family foundation, for fresh foods, fortunes, finances, fun + funds. Forthcoming female Feminine fitness = FEMININITY

FemininiTrixz - Femininity

The Whole Wide World’s Wealthy Womanhood’s witty wisdom, worthy of worshipping. With the highest honor, righteous respects and richest regards!


NEGALACTIC – NEGALAXY: negate negative names, notions, nations.

Gal + gala + al + ala + la + ac + act + tic Negalaxy = No negatives inside the gifted gala galaxy. They are all namely negated! An ax and a lax. Relax – laxative.


OBAMANGLO: = ob + bam + am + a + man + ma + an + Anglo + lo.

ObamAnglo: Means melanin membrane members having the mindset and mean mentality of an Americanized Anglo-Saxon Satanist. Sucker staged stooge, sychophant sellout Sambo. Equals = Samboism – Selfhatism – Uncletomism!!!

OBAMANGLOID = Obamangloidian: Those who voted in the elections to empower Obama into the Oval Office as United States President.  They’re staunchly stupid, stubborn, and satanically suffering some serious severe sickness syndromes. Serial sinister scientists, sorcerers, serving snake serpent system Satan

OBAMALIEN: Obamalien: = Obama + alien. = am a lie, a lien. As an alien agent, against Africoidians and as an antagonist adversary AfricAnglo-American. Equals = admixture of an African + an Anglo. “I’m half black and I’m half white”; “Mutts like me”! His Light skin side overpowers – overwrites – overturns – overrides – overrules his Dark skin side.


OBAMAFRICAN: = o + ob + bam + am + ma + a + ca + can + an = Obama + African: Means middle-C melanin membrane member, basic brown bio-bodily being, superficial surface skin, shades, tissue tones – tans – tints.
OBAM-AFRIC-ANGLO: All Americans as Africa’s ascent, attributes – attitudes – activities. An actualized Anglo-African-American = ObamAfrican. Africanglo. Obamanglo. Obamafricanglo.

Definite identity imaging: Anybody made, birthed – born in the image of The United States President, Barack Hussein Obama; Intelligently identified today, Tuesday, January, 7, 2014… 5:37 pm divinely decreed documented.


 Organgs, Equals = organized lawless enforcers of gangster-ism. are petty patrol police. Pitiful persons – pitiable people.

Organgrene = gangrene growths upon the planetary people’s public populations. Too much meaningless police power!



Promocractic vs. Democratic: Promacracy vs. Democracy: Basically because there is no nor can be a democratic development, but, only a dictator’s ‘demonocracy’ devolved democracy. Devilishly demonic domain, devious dimension. Divinely Decreed Devil Damned!

Promoticians vs. Politicians: Promoting positive personalities, person who’re productive, progressive, and pure at heart and mind, so to speak. Politicians, are psychological poisons, pollutions, plaguing planetary people’s populations.

Promotics vs. Politics: = Purposely pushing positively productive propaganda, publicizing problem solving solutions, saving sovereign solar sexus souls, sending societal salvation. Instead of starvations, sinister sciences, sicknesses, serving supremacy superpower superiority, that causes, concocts and or creates internalized inferiority!


PanorAfricAsporism vs. Pan-Africanrist-Socialism!! Basically because, a socialist – capitalist – communist, country and or socialized system, serves sinister Satanists = Satanism!

The three ideologies, idiosyncrasies, intentions are of Eu_Rope-an origins. Corrupted, contaminated Caucasian Caucasoid criminal creatures. Causing continents, countrywide wrongs, WhitTie wicked witchcrafts,

AfricAsporists of AfricAspora instead of Diaspora. With all due regards, duly respects, to old-schools of militant revolutionary thoughts. No disrespects to those who are deceased, dead, or died fighting for what they believed in. Howsoever, Wexz & Usxz, are commanded to bury out demised members, keep on going forwards, into the present = forthcoming future.

PROPENDENT: = private personal input + output. Promocratic process, positive production on an individual level, efforts = efficiency. A person who is prepared to face and creatively solve problems, that can be corrected.

Propendency vs. Independency and or dependency: an inverted, internal, innate – inborn ability to project or to pull one’s self up, to higher level and greater degrees based on how they choose to propel themselves.

Phrenology + phenotype

Portal Propend Promocracy: Equals = the native-natural innate intellectual intelligence, intrinsic inlet, inborn inclination to incept incoming information. The promocratic propensity to be in a Self solitary state of Propendency.


Promojority = pro + mo + jo + rity

Promojo = Positive Propaganda Pushed, Promoted, Practiced, Publicized-Published.

Promocractic vs. Democratic:

Promacracy vs. Democracy:

Promoticians vs. Politicians

Promotic vs. Politics:

Afrionictionary Afribets Q R S T U pt5 Divine Decreed Deified Dictionary


RACERYST: = Realistically racing, running, retrieving rare rich royal resources. Riding real fast inside racecars. Making ace! Speeding to save solar sexus souls. Having nothing to do with a “race” of human bio-bodily-beings, as it may politically pertain to persons, public people’s pigmentation, planetary populations. Ra +

Simplified Solving Solutions: Surely we’re sick and tired and fed up with religious politics. Polarized people preaching and pushing prejudicial propaganda, racialist radicalisms upon us. Ya know how they try to tell talented terrestrials, toned, tanned, tinted tissues, that they are “all Black” or “all White”!!

Especially when we are apparently shades of Brown; redbone and high yellow. Plus+ pearly pale pick pigmented persons. Correct categorical classifications, caramel cream coloration cosmetic complexions.

Whatsoever superficial surface solarized skin sheen one organically owns or optically originates, have humanly, conforms with a radiance Rayzial reality. That’s the total told truth 100%+.

Straight shooting strategy; strictly specific!

1. Interracial – biracial – multiracial melaninated membrane members = majorities. Humans having higher named numbers. Collective citizenry’s cosmetic coloration complexions.

2. I Am their Guide Arms Flag Barrier. Winner Warrior & Valiant Victor! I’m their bravely bold Brown barrier between “Blacks” & “Whites”!!

3. COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, is their leadership.


RACESS – RACESSITY – RACESSION: Ra + race + ace + cession + ion + on. Our one only optimized objectives, and necessary needs. A native-natural necessity!

Racession: means a recession in racism. Remised, rejected, repudiated, renounced racists and or rebuked racialists.

Racessation: = Cessation of the race concept; CauCrazian concocted criminality. Ceasing Caucasians corrupt capitalism – contagious Catholicism, cancer causing Caucasoidians criminalizing contrivances, conceits, consciousness. And the transition – transformation – transfiguration into; Rayz = Rayzial or Rayzal as opposed to racial. Dealing with the scientific solar sun, Spiritious Sciessence sunrays of Ra. SUNGODD DEITY = Divine Decreed Disc.


ROBBERAP – Rob-be-rap-per: Means all of the ridiculous, racialist, regressive rap. Those thug Hip Hop gangster rappers, robbing, raping, raiding. Repressing real richness, royalties and needed resources. Recalcitrant rhythms and rhymes!!

ROBBERAPE: = rob + robber + rap + rape

Robberape – Robberaper – Robberaperson; Are rappers that is a person who will wantonly wish wealth, at the cost of the collective community‘s cleanliness and or clean culture. They are invidiously insidiously individualistic; in the strictest sense of being sinisterly selfish – satanically self-serving. Refusing to share something of real value, money earned, received through talents, inheritance, or stolen. Yet they regimentally reap riches from robbing and raping realized righteousness. Rob-be-ra-per-son; is an ape aptitude, angry attitude, antagonistic attributes, and are adversaries alien agents.


SAMBODOM – SAMBODOMY: Self-serving suckers, self subjecting stooges, selfish sycophants. sellout Sethian Samboes. Systemically – systematically supporting SAMBOISM = SAMBOLOGY!

Purposely produced proxy puppets propped up by bigots, religious “racists”of “Racism White Supremacy”. Put into politicized positions to play the parts. Thus to do their dirty dealings, devilish-demonic doings, devised destruction. Modern minstrels, monkey mimicking, money making melaninated minority-majority members, out for themselves as materialistic individualistic idiotic ignoramuses!

Those terming themselves “Whites”; are hiding hideously their historical human hatred. Behind bio-bodily-beings branded “Blacks”!!

So then these tricksters try to mislead and misguide We’s & Us’s further, by hiring self-hating hounds, henchmen to talk all out of their minds, saying some sickening, stupid stuffs. Given air time on TV & Radio shows showcasing crazy comedians who’re self-abnegating, acting all adversely and advertising asinine ass attitudes; aimed against Afro-African-Americans and Aboriginal Africoidians! 

SINISLAVE: Means by definition a sin, and it is sinister. A slaver, a slave.

SINISLAVERY: = It is a sinister slavery. A satanic system serving sins. Sociopathy.


Sinislavery: =

sin + in + is + slave + lave + aver +very.


Slavenue: paralleling paradigm; as avenue and revenue. Slavered societies or slaved socialized systems serving satanic sources. A sinking spirit – soul, or sunken slave ship, seafaring stealthily, surfing surreptitiously, sailing superficially. Sickness syndromes, sinister symptoms. Viciously viral, violent venue, reaping rich revenues, going down destructive avenues. Sellout Samboes Slavenues!

SOULOVENUE: = So + soul + lo + love + venue.

SouLovenue: = Someone so soulfully lovin’ you on a new avenue. A new venue to love you soulfully. The Sovereign Solar Sexus Soul’s avenue of love life light locks leading lords. Soul-Loving-You!


SINISATAN: = sin + in + is + sat + at + tan + an

Sinister + Satan: Says something that is a sin, such as a sinister science. Serving a severely sick system that is systemically satanic. Showing serious sadness symptoms, sorrowful syndromes. Snakelike serpent Sinisatanists. Profiteering predatory politicians practicing Sinisatanism.

Sinisatanic: supporters seeking success at the expense of others. Doing devilish dealings in a sneaky, stealthy money making manner. Sly and slick secrecy!

SYSTREAMAATRIX = SYSTREAMAAT: Systreamaat + Systreamaatrix: = system + sys + a + ea + re + am + stream + ream + maat + at + a + tri + ix


TRUTHIESTS – TRUTHEIST (S); = truth + theist + the + he + is + heist

Trutheists: are those truth tellers, telling the total truths 100%+.

The Highest Heavens Holy Ghost Spirit of Truth Powered Knowledge = Know How!!

For instances: I tell y’all that no matter what some good intentioned African American “Blacks” and Browns say, proclaim and profess publicly. In spite of strong desiress, misleaders refusing to realize and today now know; that it is absolutely no valued-viable ways to unite, nor constructively unify; RELIGIONS!!!

Hoslistory Heritage Health: History dictates that they were intentionally introduced, to divide and conquer citizenries worldwide. Causing combustible conflicting chemistries. The can’t come together in Love Peace & Harmony. Period.  +

Afrionictionary Afribets U V W X Y Z pt6


UNIVERSATION: = Unity + un + nit + verse + sat + at. A unified universe and HueMains versed verbally. Humans happily humored, holistically harmonized habitants.

Ultra-Universation + Inversation x “versation” vs. conversation!! Collectively connecting computerized communications. And as we take talks internally inside our owned sub-selves sensibilities. Inner-versing or inversing, as opposed to conversing.

“Versation” vs. conversation….says Dr. Yates….Graspmatyx even has it’s own language, Graspish (instead of English) and it’s own numbers system.


VEGEPLANTERRAIN = VegPlanTerRain; equals singular + plural, one or more than one. As in many, multiples. Howsoever, adding an S to the end is optional. (noun)

1. Vegetation = vegetables, food foundation, eating,

2. Plan: = organizations, operations, order, original, systemic, systematic,

3. Plant; = fiber flesh, vital- nutrients, nourishment, vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, organic, organism, opioid, orgasmic,

4. Terrain: = soils, land, dirt, clay, mud, rocks, earth, humus, silt-sand, fertility,

5. Rain; = water, liquid, fluid flow, moisture, source system-stream.

UNIFICAFRICA = unificafrica; means wholesome unification, of all nations, collective countries, localities, geographic grassroots grounds.

UnificAfrica = unificafrican; The Unified Statutes of America + Africa. Equals our USAA+ PROMISED LANDS.


Vaccinenemy: = vaccine + enemy = vac-cin-en-e-my: are adversaries, antagonists, alien agents acting against Africoidian ascendants of Africa’s ancestry. Viciously viral, violent – violator vaccines. Producing permanent brain damage, dysfunction, developmental defects. Causing congestive cardiac conditions, clinically concocted cellular cancers, calcified cavity clogging. CauCrazian clinicians criminality. Heart failures – fatalities. Engaged by evil enemy Eu-Rope-an executioners, regressive, repressive European exclusionists, exceptionalists, eugenicists!


VALUESSENCE: = value + essence: = ValuEssence: = Values that has healing, healthy essences. The very valuables viable. Elemental essences exercising, executing energy existences = ecologies, economies = EcoEngergystics.

VALUESSENTIAL: = value + essential = ValuEssential. Are intrinsic-innate values that are essential. Elemental essences existing externally and internally inside. Such as solar sunshine of SUNGODD DEITY. It is imperatively important! Necessarily needed, in and of itself. Or else life’s art forms would not, could never be alive hereon planet Mother Earth.


1. WEALHEALTH: = wealth + we + weal + ea + al+ alt +heal + he + heal + health.

2. Wealthealth: means mastermind mental models, making money mercifully, meaningfully, methodically. Doing so in a Deified, Divinely Decreed manner or mechanism. Honestly just, soundly-sincerely – sanely -sensibly sought. The truest types of profitable gains, which wealthy ways of generating, accumulation, acquiring realized wealth, is worthy of worshiping with worldly wisdom. Certainly I’m concerned about; completely cured, clean cultured capital cash currency.